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Boot Camp Rates

1st Class: Free

Drop In: $15

1xWeek: $50/Month Auto Pay

2xWeek: $75/Month Auto Pay

3xWeek: $100/Month Auto pay

Boot Camp Schedule

Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 7pm

Fitness, Orlando, Trainer Nate, Exercise, Boot Camp
Fitness, Orlando, Trainer Nate, Boot Camp, Exercise
Fitness, Orlando, Trainer Nate, Boot Camp, Exercise

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The first 30min of class focuses on cardio and core and the second 30mins of class are inside utilizing functional strength training. Broken into two circuits the boot camp is interval based rotating stations/exercises every 60 seconds. Each station is performed at the appropriate intensity with as needed rest from station to station.      

Boot Camp

Trainer Nate provides a dynamic boot camp that combines cardio, core, and strength training that can meet the physical needs from a beginner to the advanced athlete. Boot camp classes are limited to 10 participants to maintain individual attention and to ensure the exercise integrity.    

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