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If you are anything like me then you probably have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. To be successful with a wellness program you have to saturate yourself with knowledge.

In a way, you have to become your own health and wellness professional.

I say that with a hint of apprehension. It is easy to get swept away in a new fitness trend or fad diet that is inadvertently supported by an off beat


Never Stop Learning

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Stay Flexible, No Cult Like Behavior 

research study. If you wish to become your own health and wellness professional you have to always be willing to except new information and re-evaluate your stance on evolving topics. No more cult like obsessions with diet/fitness programs where everyone is wrong but you! Stay flexible and open to new ideas. 

Early in my personal training career I would tell people that the results were 80% exercise and 20% nutrition. Today I would argue that it's 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. While I do not have actual statistical data to support these numbers, it has become clear that exercise is not the only factor in this equation.  

I simplified wellness into four key points of focus for all my health and wellness programs; Nutrition, Sleep, Activity, and Exercise. If you exercise for one hour a day every day, that accounts for only 6% of  your awake time.

What are you doing with the other 94% of your time?

Personal Trainers can only hold your hand 6% for the time. The other 94% of the time is what really determines if you see the results you are looking for. You have to educate yourself on the other 94% so you understand how to make the ideal decisions that will lead you to your wellness goals. When you understand "why" you will more frequently make the choice that better suits your goals. 

Take some time and click on each of the education sub tabs to learn a bit more about reaching your fitness goals. Also keep on eye out on the blue bar on the right for extra resources. If at any time you have questions please reach out and email me. I will get back to you within 48-72 hours. Lastly keep in mind that the extra resources are intended to stimulate conversations and increase perspective so I cannot say I support all the statements in the links provided.    

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Fitness, Education, Trainer Nate, Orlando, Nutrition, Sleep, Activity, Exercise

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