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Start with stability, build into strength and finally attack power. 

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Fitness is more then lifting heavy things

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Now this is where you get to have some fun! Find something you love and use it to let out some steam. Kick boxing, yoga, running, swimming, strength training, kettle bell swings, powerlifting, pilates, and just about everything that gets your heart rate up should be on your radar.

Exercise is a great medium to 

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accelerate fat loss and increase muscle mass. It is also the top prescription for depression with the highest rate of improvement. Exercise is essential to increasing your overall fitness. 

Exercise is a great medium to increase muscle mass and accelerate fat loss. It is also the top prescription for depression with the highest rate of improvement. Exercise is essential to increasing your overall fitness. 

What is fitness?   

Fitness is the ability to adapt quickly to new demands/stressors. 

Fitness should not be confused with a persons ability to do one thing exceptionally well. The faster your body can adapt to new demands/stressors, the lower the risk of injury and potential set backs. Having a higher level of fitness will drastically impact your quality of life. You will have higher energy, a stronger immune system, and a more positive attitude. The best of all is the ability to live an active life into your elder years. 

Exercise can be broken into three basic phases: Stability, Strength, and Power.

Stability is the most important phase of the three. It is the foundation you will need for an injury free program. In the stability phase you will perfect exercise form, establishing full rang of motion, and decreasing your risk of injury.

The strength phase is all about adding muscle mass. If you want that nice bubble butt, then you need to start building those gluts. In this phase, you start lifting heaver weights and isolating muscle groups. Reaching muscle failure is the best way to catalyze growth.  

The power phase has the highest risk of injury of all three phases. You focus on explosive high velocity movements (box jumps, kettle bell swings, power lunges, sprints, and most sport specific movements). If you want to look like an athlete, you have to become an athlete! You must master stability and strength before you enter the power phase. 

The first few weeks of a new exercise program is always the hardest, but once you make it past the initial soreness you can start to focus on making it fun. Most people that hate running, swimming, or lifting hate it because they're not good at it yet. Be patient and never be afraid to ask a professional for help.