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From deep within, I felt that in my 40s my time was just over and I would never have the body I wanted. Working out with Nathan changed all that.  He helped with my new approach towards eating which isn’t based on limiting, but based on increasing the protein.  It truly never felt like deprivation.  I started logging my food and concentrating on the protein.  I worked out with Nathan and did heart rate centered cardio that I enjoyed on my own.  That’s when miracles started to happen.  In less than 3 months, I was down 15 pounds, achieved 12% body fat and was into a whole new size 6 wardrobe.  Me!  This 40 something woman who didn’t think she could … DID!  Now when the scale creeps up a few, I feel empowered to get back to business.  Somewhere along the way I did start feeling like an athlete and turned into one of those people that signs up for races and fitness challenges with my friends. I continue to thank Nathan for showing me that I could do it and that it could even be fun.


When I began working with Nathan, he shared with me this wisdom:  “If you want to look like an athlete, you have to BE an athlete.”  These words took hold in me and changed the way I think and feel about fitness.  When we began, I was 15 pounds overweight with a body fat in the 20s.  I had spent most of my adult life with a battle raging within – every day concocting a new game plan for losing some weight.  Every day I let myself down, I think because the irreverent free spirit in me was having nothing of the rules and seeming punishments.  


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