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Tracy's Success Story

I had the privilege of training with Nate McDonald for a year and a half before he relocated from Michigan to Florida. I was so sad to see him go! Before training with him myself, I watched him train other clients and go through his own workouts. I was impressed with the variety of exercises that he put his clients through and inspired by his own personal abilities. When the opportunity came along to start working with a personal trainer, I knew that I wanted to work with Nate. During my short time with Nate, he taught me so many things about fitness, nutrition and my body. He gave me the tools to finally make significant changes in my body composition – my goal was to once again fit into the clothes in my closet that mysteriously “shrunk” over time. He helped me lose over 5% body fat (2 jean sizes) and become a much stronger, healthier and confident person. He helped me push my body to levels that I didn’t think existed. Even though I have exercised regularly and consistently over the last 18 years, it wasn’t until I trained with Nate that I finally saw the results that I was striving for. Nate’s extensive knowledge about fitness, nutrition and physiology are amazing. He is extremely professional, competent and personable. I miss him terribly, but feel so blessed to have gained (and lost) so much from training with him. I would recommend Nate McDonald to anyone who is searching for a personal trainer. ​