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Extra resources are here for everyone that is interested in learning about fitness. Books, movies, apps, youtube videos and more to help everyone access fitness in their own terms. Fitness literacy can ensures life long changes. 

What is the best diet to lose weight?

Nutrition is the most important part of any program, weight loss and muscle building. Long story short, just about every diet works to lose weight. The questions comes down to what is realistic for you to adhere to. In a meta-analysis titled "Comparison of Weight Loss Among Named Diet Programs in Overweight and Obese Adults," the authors concluded "Weight loss differences between individual named diets were small. This supports the practice of recommending any diet that a patient will adhere to in order to lose weight." What makes this meta-analysis so compelling is the amount of data collected (48 trials with 7286 people over 6 and 12 months). Based on this information the best diet to lose weight is the one you are most likely to adhere to. 

Why do all the diets work?

I hypothesize that there are two factors at play here. The first is that all the mainstream diets are not all that different to begin with. All of them dramatically decrease high calorie, ultra processed foods and shift emphasis on lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. The second factor here is that this shift will inherently decrease caloric intake leading to the necessary caloric deficit needed to lose weight. Keep in mind that this recommendation does not consider health risks like high blood pressure or a history of heart disease.   

"Hi Everyone, I'm Trainer Nate and I've been a certified personal trainer for 15 years. I love what I do and it's important to me that fitness is accessible to everyone. I offer a number of services like personal training, virtual training, and boot camp classes, but if that's not what you're looking for, check out my growing FAQ (below), YouTube Channel, and my Extra Resources page. If you have any questions or you're interested in my services please reach out here. I'm excited to hear from you!"

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Virtual training follows the same format as in-person personal training, with the exception that it's on a video conference streamed live. Expect exercise demonstrations, chats about nutrition, and texting to aid with accountability. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Personal Training


Personal training is the ideal customized program with individual undivided attention. These sessions can take place at the fitness studio or at a client's home. Sessions range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes and progress as needed.  

Boot Camp is a small group (max 12) circuit training format. Exercise stations are set up around the studio with time-based intervals alternating exercises. Exercises can be modified as needed and beginners-advanced are welcome.

When is the best time to workout?

It's easy to get caught up in this question because the science supports both morning and evening exercise.  Exercise should be scheduled to meet the needs of the individual, so everyone should schedule their exercise at times they are most likely to consistently be available. The authors of "The effects of exercise session timing on weight loss and components of energy balance: midwest exercise trial 2" stated "This study, combined with the results of previous studies, supports the hypothesis that engaging in morning exercise may result in more weight loss compared to engaging in a similar amount of exercise later in the day." While this study supports morning exercise, it also makes it clear that people exercising in the evening still lost weight. One of the primary concern I hear people having with late exercise is is it impacts sleep. The authors of "The effects of evening high-intensity exercise on sleep in healthy adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis" address this and find that "Overall, acute evening HIE [high-intensity exercise] performed 2–4 h before bedtime does not disrupt nighttime sleep of healthy, young and middle-aged adults." The best time to exercise is the time you are most likely to consistently make it happen. 


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How can a personal trainer help me?

A personal trainer has three primary objectives when it comes to helping their clients:

  1. Accountability: Having an appointment and a financial investment, clients are more likely to adhere to a program. Also, trainers will be checking in on exercise homework and nutritional guidelines. If you have ever said "I know what to do, but I just cannot seem to do it," accountability is what you need.   
  2. Program Design: Exercise programs are based on the client's goals and current fitness level. It is important to avoid injuries and ensure safe sustainable progress by incorporating appropriate recovery with challenging workouts. Clients also find it nice to show up at the studio and not have to "think" while a trainer guides them through the workout.   
  3. Education: There is a lot of noise in the fitness industry and it's easy to get lost in it. An experienced well-intentioned personal trainer will cut through the marketing and propaganda, however, It is important to note that the fitness industry has many financial kick back to personal trainers who sell their products. Things like supplements and workout gadgets that sounds too good to be true probably are.